Forest Laboratory

Concert Forest Garden Greenhouse

September 12, 2020, Live Stream Event for Ars Electronica Festival Kepler's Gardens from RIXC Fields Residency.

Live Concert for Tomatoes and a Pine Tree produced for Ars Electronica Festival 2020 Kepler's Garden Program. The live stream event took place at the Forest Laboratory in RIXC Fields residency.

The greenhouse concert was conceptually based on a growing art project by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits – ”Talk To Me. Human-plant Communication” which served as a responsive and inclusive environment for live performances by musician and composer Platons Buravickis, sound artist Ivo Taurins, young musician Lauris Smits and VR artist Daniel Hengst.

Greenhouse Effect

NIR timelapse video

The Greenhouse Effect is an artistic and speculative experiment investigating, visualizing and modeling the impacts of climate change on future forest ecosystems.

Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits. Talk to Me. Forest Laboratory.
To simulate climate changes a young pine tree planted in the greenhouse was equipped with various environmental sensors. During the concert spectators could use the online communication interface to send their messages to the pine tree. The messages were read aloud by computer voice.

Lauris Daris Smits. Rivers in the Sky.
The composition explores the global water cycle, how water travels from the soil to the trees and into the atmosphere and then back down to Earth.

Platons Buravickis. Red Wave.
Sound work reveals information as a fluctuations. The composition explores the waves (fluctuations) as a bases which connects all living being.

Ivo Tauriņs. Generated Forest.
A composition and multi-channel sound installation created at the RIXC Fields residency in the Summer, 2020. The artwork explores the relationship between nature and technology.

Daniel Hengst. Blooming Love.
The VR artwork leads the viewer into a seemingly strange and unfamiliar immersive environment. Unusualy colored leaves and fantastic flowers intertwine with unusual plant shapes and sizes.

Artis Kupriss, Andris Vetra. Robot performance.
New media artists participate in the performance with their jointly developed concert robot. As a representative of urban culture, in the concert the robot encountered nature for the first time.