Video documentation

Orgatopia is a manipulative study of the resistance of plants, made by influencing their physiology for several months by various mechanical methods. Combining these modified plants with other inorganic materials and electronic solutions, the author created a video projection and six installations of biomorphic, kinetic hyperobjects.

An Interview with Artist

The fictional causal logic of the artwork follows from the soil landscape observed during walks, where other, inorganic materials, such as plastic pipes, wires, cables, various waste and construction material remnants, often protrude outside the grass, trees and bushes.

This landscape is nothing unusual. It has become as self-evident to us as nature itself. As if almost resembling a harmonious coexistence, where there is a slow but gradual fusion of organic and inorganic structures.

These are hyperobjects that take up so much dimensional space that they are invisible to humans for a long time.

The result of the work is a fictitious registration of an as yet incomprehensible process, dedicated to the existential possibility to approach the conditions of environmental change through the polar experience of the aggressor and the victim. Thinking of the environment as something abstract and distant, somewhere out there and to do the opposite.