An Interview with Artist

Lidija Zaneripa in her Rolis exhibition explores aesthetics and visual qualities of instant noodles, creating a series of three-dimensional sculptures and digital images.

Rolton is probably today's most popular lifestyle - quick noodles that swell to perfection quickly, cheaply, without undue effort – a complete set to quench hunger. Such a meal is seemingly appealing, but the effect of Rolton on the digestive system is not "fast and effortless".

It is surprising how different types of Rolton differ in their properties and the way they are formed. The artist, starting this passion for instant noodles, soon learned various stories about Rolton and people's experiences with it. However, the most memorable is the long-experienced sadness and puzzlement about why, before cooking Rolton, it is crushed so brutally?

The author, in the process of crushing Rolton, tried to unravel its pattern, forming amazing noodle shapes. There are about five different ways in which a Rolton can be split. There are five components from which to build a ROLIS.