Online Fortune Telling

Technology: HTML, JavaScript

This work is an anthem dedicated to the era of mysticism in Latvia around the year 2000. The user is presented with the online fortune telling service with an option to choose the prophetess name and look, as well as the background music. The user has to think of the question he wants to find out the answer to and after a short wait the virtual fortune teller gives an answer.
The predictions, according to the artist, are absolutely truthful and authentic. They were created using the texts of Confucius Book of Changes.

Same as other early Internet artworks in Latvia, this work was hosted by E-LAB (Electronic Art Laboratory).
It quickly became popular in a wider range of Internet users and there was a case when one of the exited users called E-LAB to ask if there are other similar online fortune telling services which could be suggested.

Video Documentation

The author later realized the continuation of the same theme in a larger multimedia installation Diagnostics of Karma. The work "Online Fortune Telling" is in the RIXC Net Art collection.