/ isolato

Technology: HTML, Flash ActionScript

Silence is a spiritual substance and noise is its form. Noise is the source and integral part of this work. " / isolato" is an interactive animation, complemented by noise music samples and compositions from Claustrum's album "Isolato".

By entering one of the sample numbers, the viewer can become a co-author of the work and each time experience a different variation it. Sample numbers marked with a “+” sign indicate the “objective” part, but those with a “-” sign belongs to the “subjective” part.

Video Documentation

Work is created using Adobe Flash technology and besides the Internet version, in 2001 it was published in a multimedia disc format, including the compositions of the group Claustrum Isolato.

"Semema" is the title of the work and the also the name of the group of the artists. Its founders and participants are Girts Korps, Katrina Teivane and Velga Kukuma. Another important work of this group is the multimedia disc and the website " / Comrades in Lost".